Classes and Teams

The Kangaroo Kids are organized into classes and teams by age and skill level. For more information about the Spring/Summer 2018 Kangaroo Kids Jump Rope Classes – Click Here.


Junior Jumpers – This is a beginning jump rope class that is all about fun and fitness. Jumpers will learn basic single rope, Double Dutch and long rope skills.

Intermediate-This class allows jumpers to build on basic single and long rope skills and introduces precision group routines. Prerequisite: Minimum 2 sessions of Joey Jumpers or Junior Jumpers and/or coach’s approval.

Prep to Perform – Jumpers with a desire to ultimately perform at public events will build on single and long rope skills, precision routines and develop showmanship skills. No performing requirements. Prerequisite: Minimum 2 sessions of Intermediate Jumpers and/or coach’s approval.


Performing – Performing Club jumpers will pPerformerfect precision group routines with the purpose of performing demonstration shows throughout the community.  Skills and showmanship will be developed.  In addition to practice time, there is a minimum commitment of participating in 1 of every 4 shows for each jumper.  Uniforms are also required.  Placement by audition.  Prerequisite: Level 2 with coach’s recommendation or Level 3A.

Travel – Travel Teams are performing level teams that perform in shows and demonstrations outside the local community, out-of-state, and special events.

Junior Travel Team: Jumpers will perfect intricate precision group routines with the purpose of perfTravelorming demonstration shows.  High level of skill and showmanship is developed.  In addition to practice time, there is a commitment of 1 of every 4 shows for each jumper.  Uniforms are required.  Placement by audition.  Prerequisite:  Level 4. Meet twice a week for 2 hours each day from September – June (2 semesters).
Senior Travel Team: Jumpers with a minimum of 1 year full participation on Travel Team C and successful evaluation may be considered for Travel Team B.  Description, practice schedule, and performance commitment same as Travel Team C.

Competition –Competition Team provides an opportunity for jumpers who wish to compete in the sport of jump rope.  These jCompetitionumpers will train for and participate in local and possibly national or international competitions.  Additional practices, registration fees, competition fees and dues, and uniforms are required.  Travel expenses for competitions are jumper’s responsibilityPrerequisite: Current Member of Performing or Travel Level Teams or Kangaroo Kids Lifetime member