About Us

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The Kangaroo Kids Precision Jump Rope Team was formed in 1978 by Don Disney at Atholton Elementary School in Howard County, Maryland. From its beginning days as a small jump rope physical fitness club, the today’s Kangaroo Kids is an organization consisting of more than 200 athletes from all areas of Howard County. These athletes range in age from first grade through college and are assigned to specific teams according to age and skill level.

Girls and boys compete, perform, and have fun jumping rope in what has become a very competitive sport. Our athletes travel all around the world to compete against the best jumpers in judged competitions. Some teams only jump to help the American Heart Association or to perform in front of audiences, while others are created just to compete. The common denominator is the same – introducing this great sport to people locally and around the world. Jump rope – it’s not just for playgrounds anymore!

The Kangaroo Kids competition teams compete each summer at the US Amateur Jump Rope Federation National Championships and at the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympics. They also have competed multiple times at the biannual FISAC World Championship.

Jim McCleary

The Kangaroo Kids also recognize Coach Jim McCleary, a nationally recognized physical educator who also serves as the AAU Jump Rope Chairman. His efforts over the last twenty years have contributed to the development of Jump Rope as a popular sport.